2016 Pulling update.
OK the 2016 Pulling stories start today.

Test and tune was ok but I could get the tires to hook to the track with the bigger gear in the box.

Next week was Unity It was rained out..

Next week was Wautoma I was first puller, As I got hooked to the sled ShaZam felt like she was running out of fuel as she went down the track so I turned the pull down to come back at the end of the class. We had 17 trucks in the class today so I took the time to drain the fuel system and check my fuel filter it was clean. So fill the tank again and got ready to hook at the end of the class. With 5 trucks left the sky opened up and made the track a Mud hole so we called the class and had a class meeting as to should we wait and rework the track and run the class over or take equal pay and equal points for the day.

Equal point and pay was the vote.

OK this weekend was Greenleaf on Friday night and Stanley WI on Sat. night. As we got lined up at Greenleaf and the storm rolled in and the pull was call due to the Rain, Hail, and 60 Mph High wind that damage a few things.

So headed home and took off Saturday @ noon for Stanley WI pulled into the Park at 3:15. My Class finally pulled @ 11:45 and finished up at 1:00 with 18 trucks in the class here. I took 8th over all but was 4th in points with NEW. So it was a good day.

I’ve now piled on 950 Miles for my first paycheck.


OK next Saturday is Pound WI. So see ya all then.



Dan and ShaZam