May 28 2006 at 10:23 PM

I went to down load the pull we had today ... and the person I had do the taping didn't get nothing ....
Gee I guess I showed her everything about the camera except the record button...My fault ;-((

Anyway .. Daddy had fuel issues with his truck today
She seem to run out of fuel at mid track ... we'll be checking the fuel filters in the morning..

As for ShaZam
I placed 5th in both classes, I picked the right gears but maybe if I had a 1/2 gear less I could have done a little better.
Motor ran really well turning 7800 in Super Stock and bending too 7400 at the 280' mark to finish with a pull of 309'10"
And in Mod ran 7500 bending too 7200 again at the 285' mark with a 8000 burst when I hit the sand trap at the end of the track with a distance of 331'7".

Will take some time to get the gearing figured out.. but look out when I do get it..