Wabeno WI 2005

Well turns out my safety kill switch save my motor..
Here's what happened ..

I have a spin on adapter that feed my 9" Oberg filter, the oil ring blew out of it and I lose oil pressure instantly. I have a kill switch the shuts off my motor if my oil pressure hit's 20 psi .. So things are good here.. I checked the filter for particle and there was none. I drained the pan and filter the oil looking for debrie and found none. So I Changed oil and put a reg. spin on filter back on with a engine check screen in it and we'll go from here...

Now I'm going thru a few other problems that came up over the weekend. Should be ready to go in a few days.
I'll be splitting my battery and hooking up a Second alt. to charge the power steering battery.

I had a quick disconnect on my fuel line from my fuel cell to help when I had to remove my weight bar. But thought it might be restricting my fuel flow to swap it out with a AN fitting. Picked up 2 PSI to the carb. With this change.