Wausaukee WI Pull

July 04 2009

So as where driving home from Gillett WI at 2:30 in the morning I started to do the math in my head, One hour drive home 3:30 take shower 3:45 crawl in bed 3:50 Up at 6:30 to head to Wausaukee WI seeing it’s a Club pull and I have to get Track prep going by 7:30 It’s going to be a clear Sunny Day so we had to pound the water to the track to make sure it stayed down deep after we opened the track up about 12 inches deep and been watering it the two days before trying to keep it moist. Finally I had some more helpers show up at 11 so I handed them the track and I headed over to open registration by the trailer.

Registration went well it’s just the guys didn’t show up till the last hour to register. But anyway we got all the paper work done and up to the announcers booth by 5:15, which the pull was suppose to start at 5 so I guess I’m late. 

So as I go thru the line up I see we have 40 Hooks today, which is a good turn out, I guess for only having 10 Points members in the club.

The two biggest classes are 5500 Competition Stock and 6200 Super Stock. So I get on the PA system and welcome everyone to the pull tonight and it will be just a few more minutes before we can get the show on the road. And then from over by the beer tent I get this guy heckling me for being late. So I kindly Ask someone over there to buy this poor fellow another beer seeing how he’s still seem to be standing up right. As it turns out this guy was going to heckle me all night. Which is OK I can take a lot of heckling.

 So as we get the show on the road with the first class of 5500 Competition Stock, Frank hit the set up pretty close we had a 320’ track and the first truck went 270.00’ But the truck was one of the lower powered trucks in the class. And the Top Truck of the class where the Suennen Boys of which they got Full Pulls and had a pull off And Cody Suennen Won the class over his Brother by 6 feet, but his Brother Dakota did break a universal joint in the pull off.

So next class we ran Frank had to add weight to the box for the Open Stock Trucks and once again he hit it right on the numbers Derek Peetz was the first puller in the class and he had a pull for 289’ and turned it down hoping the track would get better as the day went on. Next up was Ben Holtger and, now I call these two trucks the good one and evil one, Seeing Ben’s is Jet Black and Derek’s is all White. And I then say if they where ever to get them to stay together longer then 2 hooks there going to be a pain in everyone’s ass. Any way Ben pulled the sled to 310.3’ mark and set the cone to beat there. Next up was Barb Peters in the Truck She Calls “The Angry Beaver” And she hauls the sled to the 298.6’ mark putting her in 2nd place for the time being, Next up was Dave Smith and he pulled it 296.1’ then came Eugene Pribek in the Truck he calls the Beast. Old Eugene don’t’ get out to many pulls these day seeing he retired 10 years ago and he like to take his grand sons fishing deep into the wood of the U.P. of Mich. But Eugene said he’d bring the Beast out for the club’s pull and Denmark WI pull. Well Eugene was going good till he broke a front axle then he took a hard right turn and stopped at the 288.8’ mark, Hope he has the parts on hand to get it fixed for the Denmark pull. Tom Scheffen was up next and Tom pulled the sled to the 287.1’ So at this point you’d say the track seem to be going away with the trucks falling back a little with each pull. Well Derek was up next and he was getting nervous seeing that trend also. But he hooked to the sled again and walked it out to the 5’ mark before he hammered it down to the boards at the 100’ mark I heard his truck hook to the track and then pick up some more Rpm’s, He had one of the faster runs of the day so far and landed at the 309.2’ mark bettering his first pull by over 20’ but just falling short of his Buddies 310.3’. So they ended the class Ben, Derek, Barb in the payout window.

6000 Comp Stock class went Tony Kozub 1st with 284.8’ Jim Sunnen 2nd 282’ Jeff Robus 3rd 281.2’ out of the 6 truck field.

So we finally get to the 6200 Super Stock class and I tell the crowd that I have the Truck called ShaZam, But seeing how I’m announcing I’m having my Buddy Travis Emmes drive her today seeing how it’s hard to read the track from up in the announcers booth.

And then my Heckler from the beer booth starts on me. Said something about I must be scared to drive my own truck. Told him no it’s just easier if I let someone else drive it. Then he asked if He could drive it. I told him NO I only let my trusted friend get behind the wheel of ShaZam, Seeing I have invested close to $150,000 over the past 11 years into her, And I know Travis will Spank her the same way I would have if I was in the seat.

So first truck in the class was Jack Peters and he pulled the sled to 302.3’ Next up was my truck ShaZam and it was the first time this season I got to see her go down the track with the upright headers. Travis got the chain tight and took it a little to easy off the line but still got a good run down the track had a few pops and farts going down the track and stopped at the 300.7’ mark. Mike Kauss was next and laid down a nice pull of 305.4’ next was Derek Peetz and for an Open Stock Truck he’s right there with us at 297.0’ next up was Barb Peters and she pulled her Anger Beaver to the 286.1’ mark. ( Ok Boys stop thinking that way ) Bad to the Bone was up next with Craig Emmes driving still trying to finish the pound pull thing. And Craig got Bruce’s horseshoe it seem pulling it to 308.0’ Spitting and sputtering down the track with ignition issues again. Next up was Dave Smith and he laid down a pull of 283.9’ Next up was Ben Holtger and he was having one hell of a great run then he busted his output shaft in his transfer case and twisted off the pinion on the rear end. See what I mean gotta keep them together. Last truck in the class was Dean Wagner he hooked to the sled and got his r’s up to 5800 as he started to leave the line his tires hooked 2’ out of the hole and once again his truck labored to get up into it power band, at mid track he veered right and got into the loose dry stuff and then his engine zinged up the 7500 Rpm’s Worked to get it back into the good wet clay and the sled stopped him at the 301.4’.  So the standing for the 6200 Super Stocks are Bad to the Bone 1st Mike Kauss 2nd Jack Peters 3rd and Dean Wagner 4th .

6200 Street Stock class had 4 trucks in it. They finished in order

Jeff Robus 1st 301.8’

Jeff Peetz 2nd 299.2’

Bob Harris 3rd 284.9’

and Jim Suennen 4th 284.7’ 

Now to the 6200 Modified class

We had 7 trucks for this class the line up was

Cold Ethyl with Bruce Wagner driving

ShaZam with Travis Emmes Driving

Bad to the Bone With Bruce Driving

Lighting with Jack Peters Driving

Burn n’ Desire with Dean Driving

Performance Pro’s with Nick Chmela Driving

Shoot to Thrill with Mike Kauss Driving

OK I’ve waited to long to finish this story ( I got Olds Timers) so all I have is the final standings.

Bad to the Bone 1st 328.4’

Nick Chmela 2nd 313.8’

Craig Emmes 3rd 310.4’

ShaZam 4th 308.7’

Mike Kauss 5th 308.4’

Dean Wagner 6th 302.3’

Jack Peters 7th 272.4’ With Steering Problems.

So Dean’s now 5 wins ahead of me with these last two pulls being a push.

See ya next week.

Dan and ShaZam