ShaZam's First Pull of the Season

May 20 2007 at 12:53 PM

Well I have a few issues to work out on ShaZam this year.
Went to the first pull yesterday and for the most part ShaZam runs fine tooling around the pits and going on the scale and even sounded good pulling on to the track. Hooked up to the sled took up the slack and as I got the green flag to go I left the line easy. I only brought it up to 4000 Rpms and played with it to 45 then 5000 till the 75' mark and then I stood hard on the go fast peddle and ShaZam started to babble and blow black smoke out of the headers, the motor slowly made it to 6500 Rpm's at the 250' but I was stopped short with a 290'11' pull. Winning pull was 304' 2" .... I kinda got the bone seeing I was the 4th puller in the class and the track got better as the pull went on. But this was the first time I have had a fuel issue I think.

Last season ShaZam would just scream to any rpm I asked out of the motor. Most R's I turned last season was 9000 Rpm's at Gillett WI. Yes I have made a few changes over the spring .
New rotating assemble . New Cam but same grind as the old one. And the biggest change I think is the fuel I'm running . Last season I ran Renagade 114 , and I switched to Rocket Fuels 118 seeing I bumped the comp. up to 15 to 1 from the 14 to 1 I had last year. Now the biggest change here is the Specific Gravity of the two fuels. The 114 was .728 and the 118 is .704 , Now I heard the lower the number the faster it flows thru a given jet. now I had 97 Jets Sq. on my 1250 Domi last year.and the only made a change to the low speed Idle air bleeds to help it Idle down some the others air bleeds are what come from the dealer I bought the carb. from.

I pulled a spark plug after I got ShaZam loaded on the trailer and hope the pictures I post here can help me out some.
I don't want to start messing with the Air bleeds and end up making it worst. I have jets all the way to 100's so if it's lean I'll try upping the jets first .

The plug colors is a Black gray sooty looking color. I think it's rich my buddie thinks it's lean. The plugs had no color to them when I installed them.

Any plug readers out there .