Saturdays Pull

September 19 2006 at 6:54 PM

Sept. Woody’s Nationals

Last Saturday it was an overcast day with lots of wind. I told L wood to keep the water on the track as much as possible to help with the sandy clay they had there.
Well when the pulls started the track was holding up really good but the wind and clearing sky’s where sucking the moisture out of the sand quicker then the sprayers on the box scraper could apply it. Well in-between the 6000 stock and Open stock class I had the track crew run the water truck down the track with the big sprayers on. It dumped lots of water on the track, but to my surprise it didn’t soak in like I thought it would, Instead it just made about ¾” of gooey slime on top of the track. Well it took about 15 minute with the box scraper running back and forth to work it into the track, but it did work it’s self in. But the only guys to benefit from this was the Open Stock guys. When the next class came up the track was going away again. By the time Super Stock got up the track was pretty much junk. I was first puller in Super Stock and as I left the line there was nothing to bite too at all I played with the throttle the whole run. From 5500 to 6500 trying to get the tires to hook to something but nothing worked. 33.85 Sec. later I was at the end of the track @ 399.56’ of a 400’ track. Now the track will either get better for the guys that follow me or worst, We’ll have to watch and see. As it turned out it got worst for everyone else, with the next closes truck being 379.65’ so with this 1st place Finish today I locked up the Points Championship with the NEW Club with a 4 point lead.
So off the change tires and gears where I had a 1100 gear in for Super stock, I thought if I went up a gear or two I just might be able to get the tires to find some hook so I put a 1200 in and got back in line. I was the 2nd truck to pull in Mod following the only True Mod Truck in this Club called the Festering Boil. Well Neil drove it just like I did in Super Stock playing with throttle all the way down the track. And as I left the line it didn’t get any better with this gear either. 5000 to 6500 all the way down the track and after 32.56 Sec. I was sitting at the 381.45’ mark where Neil was at the 401’ mark and Jack Peters Snuck in there too at 385.20’ and put me in 3rd for the day in Mod. But it was a good day Got my coolant problem fixed made 2 runs that took as much time as 3 of my normal runs put together. And put a paycheck back in the bank.

OK Folks only one pull left then the season is over, Hope you all enjoyed my recaps stories.

Dan Homa
And ShaZam