Woody's Nationals

June 25 2007 at 5:48 PM

June 23rd Weekend pull

Well there’s only one pull this weekend and it’s at the Woody’s Nationals.
This here track is right in our back yard. 15 miles away from my front door it’s 400’ long but its only draw back is the clay, it’s really a fine sandy clay. If it’s kept wet and packed with the wobble wheel it will hold together ok. But we have to work on getting some better clay on this track. And start utilizing this track more for this area.

Well Daddy said he felt good enough to go play today, so he wanted to go to the pulls with me. I had his truck fixed up for the most part and it was loaded on the trailer just waiting for him. He’s only pulling in 5500 # class, Says there no reason to be having to throw weights around to make the 6000 # class. Well he was the 8th puller out of 18 in his class and this New Luedtke’s sled pulls super nice, Daddy eased it out of the hole and rolled it out to almost the 100’ mark before he put the yakca busta to her, and when the 4 barrels opened up his truck hooked to the track like I never seen his truck hook too that sandy clay before, When the dust settled he was sitting at 304’8” passing the then current first place truck by 2 feet. Still getting it done at 75 years old.

Then came the Super Stock class.

Now I can’t say if being early hurts you on this track but I know it doesn’t help you at all.
I was the 2nd puller in Super Stock following Chucky Champagne and his Never Done Chevy. Chuck pulled 302’2”, I hooked ShaZam up to the sled and as I eased it out of the hole I could feel just how nice the new sled comes out of the hole. Almost effortlessly and I played with it real easy till about the 75’ mark and as I stab the go fast peddle I didn’t pick up the speed like I see the other trucks get. I was watching the tach and it was holding right at 7000 Rpm’s. When the last stage dropped on the new sled I was at 301’8”. I told myself if we all end up there then I had a good day I guess.
Well it held up good until my Buddy Bruce and his Bad to the bone truck pulled up the line. He had Ludtke set the sled off to the left and as he came out of the hole he held it at half throttle to almost the 125’ mark but when he finally gave it a mit full he hooked to the track just like my daddy did and yank the sled to the 325’ mark. I finished the day in 6th place in Super Stock.

Now came Modified
Sat down and did some figuring in Super I turned 7000 Rpm had a wheel speed of 30.25 Mph. So I figured I’d drop down a few gears to try and get my R’s up some.

I was 2nd to last puller in Mod, so by rights I should have a better pull then in Super Right.
NO I guess this track and my truck just don’t connect like they should, When I came off the line I tried to take it easy and be patient and let the tires hook to the track and then ease on the throttle and gain speed. But It was only good enough for a 4th place finish. I’m not complaining a 6th and 4th are good placements just out of the money but still good for the day. And as a positive note I drove ShaZam on the trailer so that good too.

Next week we pull in Pound WI. Now there’s a good Clay track. Hope next year we can have good clay like that at Woody’s Nationals.