Last three weeks

September 2 2007 at 11:25 PM

Well folks:

Since my daddies funeral it’s been nuts around here. The Woody’s Nationals had a great turn out. I knew it was going to be a busy day so I had everything set up on ShaZam before registration even opened. Seeing as I had to handle the registration and getting everything set up in the Announcers booth for the pull and I was also doing the announcing there, So I con’ed my buddy Dean into getting my truck in the staging lane for me and up to the scale before I bailed out of the announcers booth and made my way on to the track. But as I got ShaZam on the track and lined up I tried to find my line down the track, but I ended up falling short of the 325’ the first place truck was sitting at. So over to the trailer to switch out the tires for Mod Class, When my buddy Dean had his turn down the track I heard his motor lose a cylinder and then I seen a big cloud of white smoke as his truck came to a stop. As they where pulling Burn’in Desire to his trailer I asked him if he’d pull ShaZam in Mod for me so I wouldn’t have to jump out of the announcer booth all the time. He was a little hesitant at first but he finally said OK so I gave him a quick going over on how all my toys work in the cab of ShaZam. How to set the tach to record the run and the play back oil and fuel pressure gauges, and then I headed back to the booth to finish out the day.

Dean did a good job in driving ShaZam and placed 4th for the day in Modified out of 9 trucks and ShaZam finished 2nd in the points for the year in Mod and 1st in points in Super Stock so it was a good day for us there.

Next week is Suring